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Pests are really a real pebble in the shoe,
No matter where they go.

Pests always are a nuisance, either actively causing property damage, or creating health problems. Some of the serious diseases and sicknesses they transmit are diarrhea, dengue fever, chikungunya, salmonella, Leptospira, cholera, and thus they should definitely be exterminated on sight.

However, this might sound familiar, but pests have the tendency to multiply rapidly and they tend to be resilient, making them extremely difficult to get rid of. You might have already tried all sorts of methods, but they just seemed to keep coming back.

More often than not, the most effective way to manage these irritating pests is to understand their behaviors, natures, and life cycles in order to carry out the safest and most efficient extermination strategies. When it comes to that, experience is what matters.

INTPest boast a team of competent technicians who are not just highly skilled, but possessed a whole load of experience under their belt. So, worry no more. Just dial for INTPest, and leave it to the Pros. We offer the highest level of responsiveness, risk management, and result.


Termites are dangerous pests that could cause huge damage to your property without you realizing. Opposed to common believe, this phenomenon happens even to newly constructed buildings. This so-called ‘Silent Destroyer’ are responsible for millions of Ringgit in structural damage annually in Malaysia alone. Subterranean termites, which feed on cellulose-based materials such as wood, would be the most destructive of all, jeopardizing building and safety of its inhabitants along the way. Their activities are normally not easily detected, and it could already be too late when one started to spot signs of termite damages. Some common indicators of termite attacks are scattered mud tubes on the wall from hole-boring, sightings of flying termites or shed wings, hollow sound in wood when knocked or tapped, sightings of termite droppings, and crammed doors and windows.

Leave it to INTPest, the professionals with ample experience and a specialized team who are equipped with expert knowledge and tools. We do not go for traditional pesticide spray or drilling with injection methods anymore as those do not wipe out the colony entirely and thus might cause reoccurrences, instead we conduct site risk assessment and then apply the most effective control methods which are eco-friendly and non-toxic to human or pets, and prevent premise owners from extensive expose to chemicals. Our anti-termite pre-construction treatment is bound to eradicate the problem once and for all.

Fleas, Lice, Ticks, and all sorts of creepy crawlies that would send a quiver down your spine, they could post a serious problem if infestation becomes too severe. However, the most common nuisances come from ants and cockroaches. Let’s start with the seemingly harmless tiny insects we called ants. They are omnipresent, and these incredibly intelligent creatures always seemed to be able to find a way through your walls, or penetrate even the most securely protected food storages and containers, wreaking havoc and causing problems for homes and business premises. They leave trails for other ants to follow, and it could be very difficult to control once they are inside your building, especially food processing facilities. They are even capable of bringing potential risk in food contamination as they are constantly in contact with almost anything and everything as they rummage through dark corners and damp places.

Although many would try to DIY, but the results are often less than satisfactory, and small problems could snowball into large ones. Luckily, you could always call up INTPest for professional help. Our service technicians know best, as they understand the habits of different types of ants and thus are capable offer the most effective solution catered for your needs.

Cockroaches are one of the most dreaded pests around, and yet they could be found in almost any home or business premises no matter how careful you are. They are ever-present, and are easily found wherever food and water are easily available. They breed rapidly and constantly, and the droppings could cause skin problems or even asthma attack. Cockroach contamination could easily disrupt business, breach hygiene regulations and damage reputation, forcing a premise to be force-shut by authorities and health departments. Fret not, our professionals are well-versed with cockroach infestations, efficiently locating and eliminating them in no time at all with the most advanced methods.



Rats and all kinds of rodents cause outrage wherever they go and are widely considered as an abomination. They generally do more harm than other pests, not only contaminating food and spread diseases, but also destroying properties and leaving a trail of mayhem behind. A business could face public backlash and tarnish of reputation if rodent management is not done with proper.

Your products could be recalled, operation disrupted, and even forced shutdowns, easily causing severe financial losses for businesses. Don’t give up, simply contact your friendly neighborhood pest control INTPest, and we shall solve your problems innovatively based on a combination of science and experience.

First and foremost, we shall erase all the entry points to prevent their access into the premise. Then we prevent them from multiplying in your premise by disconnecting them from the food sources and implement sanitization procedures. Next, we set up bait stations and traps to bring down their numbers rapidly, and finally continue to monitor for possible rat activities even after infestations have been curbed.

Mosquitoes and flies are the most common insects living amongst us which we have gotten accustomed to, without consciously worrying to much about the negativity they could bring. The reality is, these carriers of harmful viruses and bacteria, are responsible for spreading many diseases. While mosquitoes are responsible for about 90,000 dengue cases in Malaysia alone, flies tend to contaminate your products and put your business reputation at risk, that is why we should kill on sight without giving them a chance to grow into an infestation. INTPest are adopting modern traps that have greater effectiveness in catch result.

Our insect killer traps are designed in such a way that they are suitable for any settings, retail outlets, restaurants, manufacturer plants, hotels, etc. To take out mosquitoes, we implement traps, larviciding, fogging, misting and methodical site visits under our careful and meticulous mosquito management program. For flies, INTPest administer foaming, traps and UVL misting to bring their numbers under control.



Bed bugs hide and breed in cracks and between crevices of furniture and mattresses, behind skirting boards, and even behind wallpaper. They are so tiny that it is quite impossible to locate with human eyes, but could only be noticed after being bitten. Bed bugs penetrate the skin with their elongated beaks and suck as much blood as they could, normally within 3 to 10 minutes, leaving behind sore and itchy wounds, and sometimes painful rashes. Place your trust in INTPest, we and shall get your good night’s sleep back. Our service technicians respond rapidly to your request, and then arrange for an inspection to determine the severity of infestation and recommend the best solution.

Our strong knowledge of bed bugs and their life cycle enables us to implement the right and holistic treatment program at every and any stage of infestation, exterminating them effectively and significantly reducing its reoccurrence.

INTPest are not just all about Pest Control. We care for your hygienic wellbeing just as much as your living comfort. We also offer cleaning services such as general cleaning, carpet, upholstery, even to the disinfecting and sanitization of your home or business premises. We adopted advanced technologies on a broad spectrum to destroy pathogens, micro-organisms, and volatile organic compounds (VOC) that contaminate inaccessible areas and the various surfaces our clients might be in constant contact with daily to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses and thus ensure best protection for them. Our broad-spectrum disinfectant enables us to sanitize large areas in short periods of time, achieving maximum effectiveness and minimal downtime for your home and business.

The nose and naked eyes of human are not designed to detect contamination of the air or surfaces, and more often than not our premises might feel clean while they are actually covered with viruses and all kinds of pathogens, spreading from person to person through direct contact transmission, air-borne droplets, consumption of contaminated food or drink. The outbreak of COVID-19 has made things worse, affecting and killing millions of people worldwide, causing anxiety in the community everywhere. It is not only highly contagious, but it is also proven to be transmittable airborne. From young to the old, from blue-collar office community to healthy sportsmen, literally no one is spared from this virus, and thus it should not to be taken lightly. INTPest recommend prevention rather than cure. By taking proactive preventive measures, you and your family are much more protected from various deadly diseases.

Secure your property with a layer of protective shield through surface and space disinfection and sanitization by a trusted professional to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Our EPA-registered disinfectants ensure all sources of contamination and hazardous threats, including hard-to-reach places, are nullified. This safeguards your home for your love ones, protecting visitors to your business premises and making sure the buildings comply to MITI requirements and Health Ministry’s regulations on hygiene.