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Why Choose INTPest

Being the trusted pest exterminators and
sanitization specialists
over the years,
our reputation precedes us.

Perfectly Tailored Program

Our detection and eradication program are perfectly tailored to shield your business and your patrons and customers from pest-related problems and contraction of diseases.

Our program includes early detection, custom-designed corrective treatments which are innovative and advanced, continuous monitoring, and mitigating measures to prevent reoccurrences.

Strict Compliance With
Industry Best Practice

We work proactively to eateries, food-manufacturing sectors and many other businesses to control pest infestation risks in strict compliance with industry best practice, food standards and legislation.

Invaluable Experience And
Impressive Track Records

We have more than a decade of invaluable experience and impressive track records working with a myriad of different corporations of all sizes and backgrounds, a variation of infestation sites, tackling the problems from the root to keep their premises pest-free.

Work With Different

We are well-versed in many different industries, including eateries, hospitality, manufacturing, shopping malls, retail stores, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities, education entities, offices, industrial and residential buildings, etc.

Highly Skilled Professionals

We have a dedicated team of well-trained and highly skilled professionals to serve you with the latest tools and technology and the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness, tackling the root cause and solve your problems once and for all.

Eco-Friendly Equipments

While protecting your health and business reputation, we vigilantly take into account the wellbeing of the environment by using non-harmful, eco-friendly solutions.

Our Professional Team & Practices

Being the trusted pest exterminators and sanitization specialists over the years, our reputation precedes us. Rather than trying to DIY, or misplacing the faith in the wrong hands, many turned to us the true professionals to get the job done. We are so confident in doing a great job for you that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Paying for the cheapest quote doesn’t always mean you getting good quality in return. The wise choice is to go for a solutions provider with a methodical system, standard operating procedures, and best practices.


INTPest are made up of a team of competent technicians who are not just highly skilled, but possessed vast experience and knowledge accumulated through the years.


We offer the highest level of responsiveness, risk management, and results.


We possess genuine and complete set of licensing and certifications, strictly adhering to rules and regulations to secure health and safety interests.


We provide official quotes, justified based on property size and location, type of pest,infestation situation, and frequency of visits required.


Our professional practices before, during and after treatments, as well as our comprehensive report to furnish you with accurate data that narrates the actual condition of the problem, solutions administered, results and subsequent preemptive measures, definitely offer you more than just relief, but also peace of mind.